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Peter Wasn’t Perfect Either!

       Our country is rapidly becoming more hostile to God’s laws. Political candidates are increasingly reflecting the morals of our lost culture. With the election pressing upon us, I would like to address the dilemma that we as Christians are facing. What should we do when there is no God … Continue reading

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The Farmers’ Secret

    Susan and I spend a great deal of time talking with farm friends about food. Some join the farm hunting fresh, tasty produce. Others are determined to buy local. Many are anxious to see how their food is grown or raised.   … Continue reading

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Til the Cows Come Home

   Every time David and I plow the gardens, it’s a buried treasure hunt. Since moving to Powder Springs 13 years ago, we have accumulated quite a collection of Indian arrow heads, quartz crystals and antique glass bottles. We have not … Continue reading

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The Brodgon Tree

Back in 2012, David and I began doing our homework hoping to find an apple variety that would successfully fruit here in the hot and humid climate of Powder Springs, Georgia. Our first attempt at growing apples had been quite … Continue reading

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Where Does Your Meat Come From?

   Recently the United States Department of Agriculture passed a law suspending the requirement for “Country of Origin” to be included on meat labels. This opens the door for meat to come into our country from anywhere in the world … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why We Never Play the Lottery

Recently, the Georgia lottery boasted nearly a billion dollars to a lucky winner. Folks that had never purchased tickets before found themselves tempted by the chance to become mega rich! I remember when gambling was illegal in Georgia. When the … Continue reading

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Potato Planting Time!

April 1st is our target date to plant potatoes. Planting potatoes is quite simple and extremely rewarding. Come July or so, if all goes well, these small spuds will have multiplied into a dozen respectable potatoes and will be ready for Anna to turn them into … Continue reading

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Why Do We Work?

  Why do we work? On the surface, this seems to be a very simple question to answer. But with the modern day leaders that we have accumulated in accordance with our own desires, this basic activity we call work … Continue reading

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Anthology of Embellished Memories Sketch #2 – “Shy Sensitive Person”

Last year I went to play at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. I was all excited to have the opportunity to play in Nashville cause I know a lot of great musicians play there and that kinda made me feel … Continue reading

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Anthology of Embellished Memories Sketch #1 – The “Obsolete Line”

It was a warm July day and me & my best friend, Johnny Walker had been out playing baseball. Our appetites were beginning to interfere with our game so we decided to suspend the ninth inning just long enough to … Continue reading

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