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The Grass-fed Homestead’s Interview at the Farm

We met Dan Ohman and his family several years ago. They were looking for healthy food and upon finding our farm got bit by the farming bug! The Ohman’s are now farming in Idaho and have a great YouTube Channel … Continue reading

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First Blood

Last Saturday, we spilled the first blood on our new Alabama Farm. We killed a half a dozen Freedom Rangers for our first Alabama chicken customers and the day went smoothly. It was also the first time we used the … Continue reading

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Egg Mobile Update

We finally finished the basic construction of the Egg Mobile a couple of weeks ago. Our pullets are still several months away from laying so we needed a compromise to managing them, besides turning them completely loose on the pasture. … Continue reading

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Egg Mobile Beginnings!

I’ve wanted to build an Egg Mobile for a long, long time. I’ve drawn different designs and daydreamed of when I could follow our cows with a portable hen house. I think I read Joel Salatin’s book Salad Bar Beef nearly ten years ago … Continue reading

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Charter Members

I want to thank all the new Charter Members here at My Dad & Me in Alabama for being a part of the farm! Y’all are a big part of what makes the wheels keep turning as we start this … Continue reading

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Morning Chores

Chores here at our new farm in Alabama were kind of helter-skelter for the first few days as we brought three loads of cows, and then a fourth a week later, but all the Jerseys have settled into life in … Continue reading

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Hanging out our Shingle

Hanging out your shingle was quite a literal term years ago. Folks used to make a sign for their occupation from a slate shingle, then hang the shingle outside so people would know they were open for business. We actually made a … Continue reading

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Coming Home

Beulah is our first milk cow here in Alabama. My Daddy has been milking her for years. In fact, we milked her mother and raised Beulah as a baby calf. Interestingly, Beulah has come back home; her mother, Buttermilk, was originally … Continue reading

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6,000 miles to Alabama

I guess I’m setting a record for quarterly updates here, but since my last post in November we’ve been working like crazy to move to Alabama! Here’s my wife, Tina, and our little girl, Ellie, with our newly acquired donkey … Continue reading

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Wooden Tops and what happened to the blog?

I’ve had several requests for wooden tops lately, so I’ve turned a few and they’re again for sale on the back porch. Thanks to everybody who has bought them; they’re lots of fun! I think my wife has the largest collection … Continue reading

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