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Sweet Potato Harvest

Have you ever grown Sweet Potatoes?  This year was my first time trying it.  Mama had a couple leftover potatoes that had begun to sprout, so I tried growing them two different ways.  The larger sprouts I broke off and … Continue reading

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Sugar Snap Peas

What is long, thin, green, crunchy, delicious, and one of the first garden crops to harvest after the spring planting?  You guessed it, Sugar Snap Peas! I really like these tasty little critters that grow early in spring when it’s … Continue reading

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Baby Farm Animals ~ Bunnies!

Springtime on our farm means lot of new baby animals.  One of my favorites is the wee little bunnies that are born to our mama rabbits.  First, they are so tiny and don’t have their eyes or ears open yet. … Continue reading

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