Eggless Holiday Egg Nog

Egg Nog…..yum! Just the name makes my mouth water.  Yet, we often run into a problem when trying to make it from scratch. Since the winter holidays are when we usually drink this, we are often very low on eggs during that same time of year!  Inside, there may be a warm fire crackling while sweet-smelling scents waft thru the air and twinkling lights create an inviting glow, but outside, the cold weather and shorter days have caused the faithful chickens to go on strike (actually a God-given, built-in ‘break’ for the chickens).  To solve this conundrum, I’ve created an “Eggless” Egg Nog recipe that our family just loves!  Give it a try this winter and tell those chickens to hang in there til spring.  🙂




                             Eggless Holiday Egg Nog

4 cups      Whole Milk
2 cups      Cream (use 3 cups to put it over the top)
1/3 cup     Raw Honey
2 tsp.        Nutmeg, ground
1/2 tsp.     Sea Salt

Thoroughly mix all ingredients together.  If you have time, mix it up the night before as it tastes best after being chilled several hours in the fridge.  Stir well before serving & enjoy!




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  1. Claire Bacon says:

    You guys are the best!

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