Food Security in Pictures: Gallery #2

Have you planted a tree yet; preferably a fruit or nut tree? Some people say it takes too long to wait for the fruit, but you know, the time is going to pass anyway! Some people say ‘I’m going to be moving soon’; but that new property owner might by very¬†grateful someone took the time to do something they knew they would never benefit from. I’m glad my Daddy bought five pecan trees and planted them, because now they’re nearing the end of three years in the ground! It may take 7-8 years before you get pecans, but instead of procrastinating we’re now halfway to our own pecans.


Maybe you don’t have room for a great big pecan tree; what about a raised bed right around you house? We’ve planted everything from strawberries to onions, kale to garlic in these beds around our farmhouse. Lettuce is the latest in this bed; food security at it’s best: 10′ out the back door just growing away!


Here’s a unique way of growing your own food, and gourmet food at that! Shittake mushrooms are very good for you. They’re delicious and with a shady spot in your yard, anyone can grow them! All you need is a few logs 4″-6″ inches in diameter about 42″ long. The best wood is oak, but sweet gum works well too – this is what we used. Field and Forest is a nice place to order and they’re very knowledgable too. You can order spawn and the tools necessary online and with a little effort in six months or so your logs should start fruiting just like this:


There’s an obvious principle from the Scripture that all three of these pictures share: put in the hard work first, then the rewards come later! Our world is screaming the opposite: instant gratification now, and just pay later. Take some time to do the opposite and enjoy looking forward to the harvest.

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2 Responses to Food Security in Pictures: Gallery #2

  1. Goatlover says:

    I planted two pecan trees last year and will be glad to see nuts on them several years from now, Lord willing!

    • David says:

      Fantastic! Nothing like looking towards a harvest that we do a little hard work for, a lot of waiting, and God does the rest!

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