Hanging out our Shingle

Hanging out your shingle was quite a literal term years ago. Folks used to make a sign for their occupation from a slate shingle, then hang the shingle outside so people would know they were open for business.

We actually made a sign for my brother from an old slate shingle from the Mable House in Mableton, Georgia when he graduated from vet school. Check out my brother at Willow Run up in North Carolina. He and his wife, Madeline, are newly weds and we’re just hoping they’ll come back home soon; we miss them!

But the phrase “hanging out your shingle” is also synonymous with simply putting out any kind of sign to let folks know you’re starting a new business. My dad and I just painted a sign for the farm here in Alabama. When I was working on setting the poles to hang the sign our two neighbors, Lawton and Bill, came and gave me a hand; it’s good to have great neighbors!

Here’s a gallery of us putting up the new sign; what do you think? Come on by the farm and check out our new sign and the Farm Store!



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2 Responses to Hanging out our Shingle

  1. Diane Alvis says:

    Beautiful picture of 2 Dad’s and 2 Me’s. Good luck in your new adventure!

  2. Great looking sign! Great looking guys, especially that little short one! May the Lord richly bless you in your new endeavors.

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