Iron Skillet Bread

They say “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Well…that is just what happened with our Iron Skillet Bread.

One day Tina was needing to prepare a quick, healthy (of course) lunch for her sweet family. The bowl of sourdough was slowly rising and she did not have time to wait on it so she took a small ball of dough, flattened it and tossed it into a hot iron skillet that had some coconut oil in it and fried that piece of dough right up. She served it to David and Willie with their noonday meal. Oh my, yum. The next day she added poppy seeds and another day it was tomato sauce, meat and cheese on top – like a pizza. Wow! We went crazy over this new creation!! Sourdough goodness without all the fuss!

Sourdough bread, because of the long rise time, has many health benefits. Lactic acid is increased which breaks down the phytic acid (a mineral absorption inhibitor) for more mineral availability. The bacteria and yeast in the sourdough culture predigest the starches for better digestibility. Spelt, the grain we use, is an old grain that has a low glycemic index, low gluten, higher levels of protein, thiamine and other B vitamins, and more of all 8 essential amino acids.

We were sold and we got even more creative from there. We made crackers, chips fried in coconut oil or lard, tortillas, sandwich roll ups… the possibilities are endless. We will have more blog post/recipes to come.

So, My Dad & Me Farm is now offering this yummy sourdough-dough right from the freezer on the back porch for you to enjoy making these wonderful goodies. We have done the work of perfecting a starter (sorry, our recipe is Tina’s secret) and rising the dough for 8-12 hours then capturing that in the freezer for easy sourdough goodness.






Just look at the simple process of making Iron Skillet Bread:


Take a small amount of dough, about the size of a golf ball,that has warmed to room temperature

Take a small amount of dough, about the size of a golf ball, that has warmed to room temperature.


and place on an oiled surface. We use our formica topped dining room table.

Place on an oiled surface. We use our formica topped dining room table.


Roll the dough to desired thickness, approximately 1/8" for chewy and even thinner for crispy.

Roll the dough to desired thickness, approximately 1/8″ for chewy and even thinner for crispy.


Sprinkle with sesame seeds or poppy seeds.


Press the seeds into the dough.

Roll the seeds into the dough.




Place it on a well greased, preheated iron skillet.


Cook until both sides are gently browned.

Cook 3-5 minutes on each side until gently browned. One package will make approximately 8 iron skillet flat-breads.




We found that a moderately hot skillet makes a more crispy bread and lower heat will keep it softer and more flexible. We have used these for hamburger buns or chicken sandwiches. Sometimes we will spread them with homemade yogurt cheese flavored with herbs or with a salad on top or even with tacos. Use your imagination!

And now for the official taste test, performed by our official taste tester, Willie:



Willie says, “Yum, yum, yum!”

Stop by the farm and pick up some Iron Skillet Bread from the freezer. Starting Saturday, June 28th, Anna and Tina will be handing out samples for you to try. See ya at the farm!

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