Morning Chores

Chores here at our new farm in Alabama were kind of helter-skelter for the first few days as we brought three loads of cows, and then a fourth a week later, but all the Jerseys have settled into life in the new barn at Pike Road. We are so thankful to have a barn full of dry hay, plenty of room for all 12 cows & calves, fresh spring water piped right to the barn, and a solid milking stanchion.

Papa (as the kids call me) tends to the water, hay, and manure while Mama (my sweet wife, Tina) milks Beulah. Willie is learning to help me with the water and Ellie loves to pet the cows and feed them hay.

We’ve got 150 laying hen chicks and 120 Freedom Ranger chicks for meat coming in just a few weeks, so for now chores are confined to the cows, but Springtime is approaching¬†fast!


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