Pickin’ Pears the Easy Way!

We’re fortunate to have good neighbors. The folks just across the street and down one house have been exceptional ones. Tina and I spent our first married year in a small upstairs apartment in a remodeled barn on their property. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there until we could remodel the farmhouse for our now growing family. The Williams also have 4 Kefir Pear trees on their property. They use some of the pears themselves, but these old Kefir Pear trees just get a little occasional pruning and they manage to rain pears every year!

They called us a few days ago and offered the pears to us again this year. My dad, my son, and I drove over with some five gallon buckets and the front end loader of our tractor and went to picking. Twenty-five gallons of pears later; now on to juicing, drying, and making pear sauce!


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