Preserving Luscious Sweet Corn

This year, we tried the sweet corn variety “Luscious” and boy, is it good!

With all the wonderful rain the Lord sent earlier this year, our sweet corn patch really took off and produced wonderfully.  We began with Certified Organic Luscious Hybrid Sweet Corn and only added chicken litter (no sprays whatsoever!).

DSC00988        DSC00993

The ears are mostly full and good sized with very few corn worms.


The patch produced many more ears of corn that we could possibly eat fresh and sell so we had to find good ways to put up some corn for later in the year.


Our usual method of preserving our sweet corn includes cutting it off the cob, cooking it, and then freezing the corn.  This year, we’ve tried a couple other methods and have really enjoyed their simplicity and the way they’ve turned out.


To freeze the corn, we first husked it…

DSC01021        DSC01032

…then, we washed the rest of the corn silk off…

DSC01035        DSC01054

…next, we put it into boiling water in a large pot on our propane turkey burner, brought it to a rolling boil, and boiled it for 3 minutes…

DSC01059        DSC01036

…after 3 minutes, we removed the corn (a strainer basket works great) and rinsed it with cold water to chill it…

DSC01041        DSC01028

…the next step is to cut off the corn from the cob…

DSC01046        DSC01053

…of course, each cob must be tested to make sure it meets the quality standard…


…then, the corn is weighed into a freezer bag…

DSC01055        DSC01058

…and into the freezer it goes!


The other preservation method we tried this year was drying the corn.  We did one batch in our extra large dehydrator (more about our dehydrator in a future post) and another batch in the oven with both batches turning out well.  Drying the corn to preserve it is much more sustainable since it can be dried by the sun and doesn’t need to be frozen.


It will be easy to rehydrate the corn to eat later, but it also tastes good dry and crunchy just like that!


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10 Responses to Preserving Luscious Sweet Corn

  1. Matt Shand says:

    Love learning new ways to preserve food. Looking forward to seeing your post on the dehydrator – I’m planning on building one myself in the next month or so.

    • Tina says:

      That’s great, Matt. Learning to preserve food is very important and we love learning new ways, too. I’ll certainly make the dehydrator one of my next posts.

  2. Tiffany wood says:

    Do y’all ever can your corn? If so could you tell me how you do it?
    We have recently just started canning and are trying to put up everything we can. 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Good for y’all! Canning is certainly a good way to put a lots of food. No, we haven’t canned corn before. From what we’ve heard, you can only can it in pints (not quarts) and it can turn brown. It’s not impossible, just more tricky to can…therefore, we’ve always just frozen it until this year when we tried drying it. If you do can some corn, let us know how it turns out.

  3. DeLena Cook says:

    Sounds GREAT! Love all these ideas! You guys are AMAZING! Would love to know where to get the beautiful bowl the dried corn is in. The corn I bought last Saturday was fantastic! I roasted it in the oven with mayo. and parmasan cheese. Not as healthy but was so tasteeee! I ate all of it myself and didn’t share with my husband nor my son! I couldn’t help myself….

    • Tina says:

      Yum! The bowl is actually one that my husband, David, made for me. Yes, I know I’m spoiled……every day I cook with wooden spoons and spatulas, we eat off of wooden plates, bowl, & spoons and even the Iron Skillet Sourdough Dough rises in a large wooden bowl!

  4. Melanie Burges says:

    That bowl is a beauty!
    I boiled 2 ears of corn for dinner last night with some baked chicken (from y’all)! OH MY!! That was the sweetest corn ever!!
    Today I am eating a plate of super sweet tomatoes from your garden with cucumbers from my garden. Life is good!

  5. DeLena Cook says:

    Hey, love the dried corn idea. I must get a dehydrator to try out some things. I am still interested in this wooden bowl. Do you think David would be interested in making some to sell? Just asking. Gotta go check my chicken in the oven. Trying out your recipe for roasted chicken but didn ‘t get the thyme. Saw the recipe after I got home.
    Have a great evening!

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