Spring Farm Photos




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4 Responses to Spring Farm Photos

  1. Loyce Kompar says:

    Lovely. This is how life is to be lived!! Loyce

  2. Brian says:

    Hey Anna, your photography is amazing! When I view your photos I am always stunned by your ability to provoke the mood of each special moment. You are somehow able to capture the essence beautifully because I always get a good sense of the playfulness and purity that you incorporate into all of your work. You have great talent and I hope that you go really far with it! You would do well exhibiting your farm and family photography.

  3. DeLena Cook says:

    BEAUTIFUL photos Anna!!! WOW! I agree with the above post! Anyone can take photos, but to capture the senses is a very special talent! I especially love the potatoes in a bowl! They look so clean and ready to eat! YUMMO! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Evelyn Braile says:

    You have an eye for the perfect picture and your photography techniques are amazing. I think I read the emails more to see your pictures than anything else. Beautiful!

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