Sugar Snap Peas

What is long, thin, green, crunchy, delicious, and one of the first garden crops to harvest after the spring planting?  You guessed it, Sugar Snap Peas!


I really like these tasty little critters that grow early in spring when it’s usually quite too cold for summer crops to grow and produce.  They have a pretty white pea flower and a wonderful tasting pod.


I love to eat the whole pod straight from the garden…

DSC00279        DSC00281

…or for fun, I like to pop open the pods…


…and eat the sweet-tasting little peas one-at-a-time.

DSC00291        DSC00290

This year, we had planted the peas down the middle of the asparagus bed and they yielded a very good crop that I got to help pick!


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4 Responses to Sugar Snap Peas

  1. Linda Newsome says:

    How do you grow such a Great looking Garden ? Our garden looks like grap. For the past few years our tomato plants start dying from the bottom up, the leaves start to turn brown. I have never vist your farm but I plan to soon . I did not know Powder Springs had such a place until resently. Thank You

  2. DeLena Cook says:

    Willie you are the cutest! I enjoy your pictures and your farming knowledge! It is always fun to see what you are working on at the farm. I think you are truly a STAR! Please continue to keep us informed on all that goes on with the crops and animals. WE LOVE IT!!

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