Three Reasons Why We Never Play the Lottery

Recently, the Georgia lottery boasted nearly a billion dollars to a lucky winner. Folks that had never purchased tickets before found themselves tempted by the chance to become mega rich!

I remember when gambling was illegal in Georgia. When the state felt that it was not behavior consistent with the values once revered in this country. Citizens were arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for such activity.

So, in order to win over opponents to the idea of our state running a gambling operation, Governor Zell Miller promised that the earnings would go to education. The lust for a power ball of funds pouring into government proved successful and the lottery passed.

But just because 51% of the people voted for it, does not make it necessarily good. There are three reasons why my family will never play the lottery and the size of the jack pot has nothing to do with it!

The first reason we choose to never play the lottery is because we do not want to further fund government education.We believe that the education of our children should be done by their parents. Fathers and mothers promoting an environment of love, encouragement, and discipline. Teaching their little ones God’s world view of creation as opposed to man’s  fairytales of monkeys growing up to be men.

By refusing to play the lottery, we help starve government’s socialistic propaganda while simultaneously availing ourselves of the dollar to feed tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

The second reason we choose to never play the lottery is the danger that we might win. Yes, that’s right, the danger of winning is actually greater than the danger of losing. If you lose you are simply out a mere dollar, but if you win, you lose something far greater.

Gambling for free stuff teaches us to be dissatisfied with what we have and what we can earn. It does not promote a thankful heart before God for all that He has provided. When we yearn to have something for nothing we dishonor God’s plan for us to work to make our living by “the sweat of our brow.”

So, if we should be so unlucky as to win the lottery, we would actually lose our ability to earn our living the way God instructed.

The third and final reason we choose to never play the lottery is the huge conflict of interest it would create. When our family put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, we gave Him everything! In return, He has given us salvation from our sins, an abundant life here on earth, and a home with Him in heaven for all eternity.

Why would we jeopardize all of that for a chance to win the lottery when we already have everything we will ever need!

“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4: 19


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3 Responses to Three Reasons Why We Never Play the Lottery

  1. Rosemarie Norton says:

    I love this! Thank you for saying it so succinctly.

  2. David Hanson says:

    Wow!! A very thoughtful and beautiful way to say it. Please continue with your courage and eye single to the glory of God.

    I am forwarding this to everyone I know.

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