Does Your City Have Country Roads

Does your city have country roads? That question is more than the title of our new blog; it’s also the hook to my Dad’s latest song. We make our living in the suburbs of Atlanta on the five-acre dairy farm many of you know as My Dad & Me Family Farm, but we also play a little music. My Dad’s been writing songs about farming and family for over twenty years, and it’s just simple living room music that’ll probably never make the Top 40. Music is more than just the latest hits though; our songs are part of who we are and they tell the story of our thoughts.

Somewhere along the way we’ve been sold a bill of goods, folks. As we race into the 21st Century, Technology has been heralded as the Savior of the Future, where we’ll save so much time with the latest and greatest gadgets we’ll have nothing but leisure to enjoy. Where’s the time we’ve saved?! Where is the life of relaxation?! America is overrun with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, gluten allergies and a host of other maladies from a food system more inspected, more industrialized and more removed from simple farming in our backyards than any other country in the world. In the midst of this space age life, Mom and Dad both work stressful jobs but it’s still barely enough to cover all the bills. Everybody’s a got a cell phone and shiny cars doing 90 miles an hour, but we still don’t have time to enjoy playing baseball in the backyard as a family. We’ve got more fast food in this country than ever before, but who has the time to sit down and enjoy a homegrown meal together? What happened?

I can’t answer those questions in a few paragraphs; the answer is what we’ll be trying to write about in this blog.

The song my Dad wrote is a probing one, begging you to question where the country has gone, in the midst of everyone being more and more dependent on a greed driven, private property rights consuming city. Our culture, our way of life in this 21st century, isn’t producing God-honoring, enjoyable, healthy lives. We ought to be striving for independence from an out-of-control government and more interdependence on old-time community based, agriculturally grounded living!

I grew up on a half-acre lot in Mableton, now I’m farming with my Dad on five acres full-time with a wife and two kids, all with dreams of moving to Alabama on 60-80 acres to further pursue our dreams. Does Your City Have Country Roads?

Comments are open below so please let us know what you think of the song and what it means to you!


We hope you enjoy the video and song! It was a lot of fun and work wrapped up together, and the song is now available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon for those of you who are interested.

Also, we have the song for sale in CD form through our online Store and on our back porch at the Farm.

37 Responses to Does Your City Have Country Roads

  1. Bob Tango says:

    Nice family project – well done!

  2. Excellent! Just shared it!

  3. Brian says:

    Great song with soothing melody. I enjoyed the photography and video work as well. Great Job!

  4. Larisa says:

    I LOVE IT!! Beautiful job!!

  5. Sara D says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Cant wait to pick up a CD!

  6. mike strickland says:

    this is a incredible song! i love it. i shared it!!!

  7. Sharyn Materna says:

    What a beautiful song! It reminds me of how far we have fallen in America. So sad.
    Your lives and your beautiful farm are a bright light in a dark world and bring honor to our Lord.
    God bless all of you.

  8. Brenda Parrish says:

    I’m only half way through watching and already smiling big! Love seeing familiar faces and WHO KNEW such talent was in the family?

  9. janice amos says:

    You guys rock! I have been impressed with all you do for the community and your family since I met you. You ARE a little piece of heaven on this earth. It would be a privilege to partner up with you for OUR family’s (related) project. Working with your family to help each other would be a dream come true for us. Thank you for all you do. God has blessed you.

  10. Brenda says:

    Who knew? Your talents never cease to amaze me, great sound from everybody!

  11. Hugh says:

    Appears we have unanimous consent here. It is truly beautiful, both audio and visual. And the message is what we need to hear to help us survive our declining world. I need to stop now to dry some tears of appreciation.

  12. Eric Dobson says:

    Found your farm via The Deliberate Agrarian. I’m happy I can subscribe to the blog right from the start… really looking forward to how things develop!

  13. Crystal Katrek says:

    Very cool…I knew y’all were good at farming, and now you’re showing all sorts of other talents! Beautiful song, and beautiful video work…thanks for sharing!

  14. Sandra says:

    Well done!

  15. Monica & Terry Mullett says:

    Beautifully done & beautifully sung. How true those words are
    It was such a treat to see your lovely family again & well cared for family farm. Of course baby stole the show, don’t they always?
    We sincerely hope your dream of moving to Alabama becomes a reality – you will be missed by everyone.
    Very sincerely
    Monica & Terry Mullett

  16. Rene' says:

    I LOVE this song! Great job! Gonna download from iTunes!

  17. Mahendiran says:

    Nice job with the video and the song with meaningful words.

  18. Michelle Banta says:

    I love this song! Well done!

  19. loyce kompar says:

    Loved it. We finally have our little piece of heaven too. What a beautiful song.

  20. Destini Alvarez says:

    Love it! Great job!

  21. Jenny Stanfield says:

    When people live out their heart song, it’s healing for everyone around. Thank you!

  22. Marjorie says:

    The way I was brought up always growing something, fixing something,singing something, loving something.. just the country way! We have stayed true to these values and see more people returning to to this way of life…loved the song!

  23. Lyn says:

    Simply wonderful!

  24. Ben Wilson says:


  25. Caris says:

    Aww, great job guys! 🙂

  26. Harold Tinling says:

    Hello: I live in Nanaimo , BC. On Vancouver Isl. I make a lot of different wooden goods
    Including some art work but a lot of ” wood that works” items IE garden dibblers,spurtles spoons and spreaders and different tools for knitters and weavers
    I find folks will buy local wooden goods and toys that are hand made in town.
    I like your article on the spreaders and I will probably try some of your shapes with your permission. Cheers. Harold.

    • David says:

      Thanks Harold. I would like to expand what I make as well; it does seem that a lot of folks are looking for an alternative to the Wal-mart junk that is so prevalent these days. Have a go at the shapes; they don’t really originate with me anyway. I got the basic idea for mine from Jogge Sundqvist website. Shoot me some pictures if you try the shapes; I’d like to see what you do.

  27. ron amon says:

    Daniel, that is a GREAT song !!!

  28. Sheila says:

    great song. Reminded me of my childhood and my grandparents farm. Love the melody. You are talented and blessed in so many ways.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks Sheila. With all the farms disappearing, the children of today will never have these memories to look back on. Thanks for commenting.

  29. wanda says:

    What a lovely family! You are truly blessed.
    I am new to GA from WI but I am from Alabama.

    I was looking for raw milk and butter but I live near Savannah and I can not drive any longer. I am in my 70’s and I live with my daughter.

    So nice to see you all enjoying life. It does not get better than what you all have now.
    Loved your music btw, my grandfather was a singer and played the guitar and banjo.
    Your grandchildren are precious. Beautiful family!

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  31. Lauri says:

    Beautiful music i love your song

  32. Mildred Kanning says:

    I have happened upon you by accident (?) and feel so blessed! Your way of life is one that I dreamed of having but never found ‘the way’. It’s a little late for me now as I will turn 90 years young in July. I hope to find someone to drive me to your place in Piedmont, AL. You are so blessed, and are truly a blessing for those around you.–

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