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I want to thank all the new Charter Members here at My Dad & Me in Alabama for being a part of the farm! Y’all are a big part of what makes the wheels keep turning as we start this new venture. We’re very grateful for your support.

What is a Charter Member? Anyone who comes out to the farm and buys from us at least once a month for the remainder of the year will be entered into our books as Charter Members and will never be charged a membership! Our membership fee in Georgia, and the one we hope to have here in Alabama in the future, is a big help to us as we manage the retail side of the business. We aren’t just a commercial farm who sells to the co-op or feed lot, so a lot of our time is spent packaging, labeling, bottling, managing a store, and taking care of customers….not just what everyone thinks as traditional farming. However, we want to welcome as many folks as we can this year to help jump start this farm by not only waiving the membership but allowing consistent customers to become Charter Members who will never pay for being a member!

If you missed our new customers as we posted them on Facebook, here they are to date:

If you haven’t seen our Farm Store and tried our fresh Jersey milk, come on out. We’d love to sign you up as Charter Members to the Farm!

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  1. Ruth Johnson says:

    May God bless your new farm in Alabama and let it prosper.

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