Chore-time with Mama

One early morning, when I didn’t want to sleep very long and wanted to rather pester Mama instead of letting her get a little work done before the day really got started, she just set me in the little stroller and out to do chores I went.  What fun!  Now, I know what I’ll do every morning…hehehe (but don’t tell Mama).

The sunrise was beautiful…


The chickens were hungry for their breakfast…

DSC01937          DSC01940

This chicken’s beak felt hard…maybe something good to chew on next time I’m teething…


The rabbits were curious and so was I…


In the afternoon, Mama put me in the stroller again and gave me the egg basket…


…and back to the chicken house we went…

DSC01925                    DSC01933

Mama even let me hold an egg and I didn’t drop or break it!

DSC01951                    DSC01952

Just in case y’all haven’t already noticed, I am thoroughly enjoying being a little farmer, especially all the animals it includes!


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2 Responses to Chore-time with Mama

  1. DeLena Cook says:

    Little Miss Ellie you are so ADORABLE! Those GORGEOUS blue eyes! You are growing fast girly-girl! I am so impressed with how gentle you handle those eggs, the chickens and also the rabbits. Very impressive! You were born with a natural talent to care for the land and animals God gave us. Thanks for sharing your life on the farm with us! We love seeing all the interesting things that living on a farm entails.

  2. Brenda says:

    Everybody and every animal will love this “farm princess”. Keep us posted with your discoveries as well as your brothers! Love you!

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