Egg Mobile Update

We finally finished the basic construction of the Egg Mobile a couple of weeks ago. Our pullets are still several months away from laying so we needed a compromise to managing them, besides turning them completely loose on the pasture. Laying eggs helps make the Egg Mobile home base for the hens; without the laying aspect the pullets might not make it back into the Egg Mobile every night, which would mean chasing chickens in the dark!


So we build a flight pen. It’s sort-of rag-tag PVC and lightweight netting like you would cover blueberry bushes with, but it’s working. I can move the Egg Mobile every morning, then drag the flight pen up to the mobile and snap it into place. Then the pullets have grass to eat and scratch around in, but they’re protected from predators while they’re young, and the flight pen helps train them to go into the Egg Mobile at night.


I love chickens on pasture!!!






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4 Responses to Egg Mobile Update

  1. connie bujnowski says:

    That is awesome! The Good Lord has no worries about the management at my Dad n Me Family Farm. Thanks for allowing others to share in the bounty of your labor. Tomorrow is milk day always look forward to it 🙂

  2. Aremar says:

    This is yet another example of what separates My Dad and Me Family Farm from the rest of the pack. This only serves to again demonstrate why your customers have great confidence in what they purchase from you. Thank you, David.

    • David says:

      You’re mighty kind, Roland. We love getting to be out here working with God’s great Creation; come see us sometime!

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