Where Does Your Meat Come From?

   Recently the United States Department of Agriculture passed a law suspending the requirement for “Country of Origin” to be included on meat labels. This opens the door for meat to come into our country from anywhere in the world without we, the consumer, knowing where it was raised or processed.

    This statute also protects American chicken operations that are sending their birds to China for processing. Yes, you heard correctly. Some American companies are now sending their chicken to China for processing and then back to the US for retailing.

Now, when we go into the grocery store to purchase chicken, we won’t have a clue where it came from or where it has been. This is of great benefit to foreign and international companies. They will be able to increase their profits through cheap labor while we, who desire healthy, safe meat, will be left with no guarantee of anything.

It’s kind of like playing Russian Roulette. But instead of the six shooter having one bullet in the revolver, the gun is fully loaded!!! ​

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   My Dad & Me Family Farm raises pastured, organically-fed, non-GMO, soy-free Broiler Chickens. We process them ourselves and hand them to our farm friends the same day.  You can’t get them fresher than that! You not only can be assured of the best tasting bird you have ever cooked, but the chicken is nutritious to your body as well.

    We are proud to announce the “Country of Origin” as the United Stated of America. God please help America get back to it’s roots of One Nation Under God and stop this politically correct nonsense!


Country of Origin:  My Dad & Me Family Farm ~ United States of America


Watch our 3 minute Chicken Video below to learn how easy it can be to serve up a delicious chicken for dinner! 

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